Ever since I saved up for my first digital SLR camera in high school and started experimenting with photography, I knew it was my passion. The first camera I owned was free. My parents got a new mattress, and the store’s promotion included a bonus digital camera. It was maybe 4 or 5 megapixels, with a tiny LCD screen. I was in grade 8 at the time and I loved to experiment with it. I took photos of my pets, flowers, whatever was around the house. Eventually I saved up for a better quality point and shoot camera in high school and I began to get creative by taking “Myspace” angles of myself (embarrassing I know, but it seemed pretty cool at the time).

Later that year, I decided to enter some of my work into the ‘Regina High School Black and White Photography Contest’. I won first place in two categories, and had the winning photos displayed on tour around Regina high schools. I received ribbons, along with a gift card to the local camera store.I was super excited that my work was now being recognized, and my plan was to get something a little more advanced. So I researched SLR cameras and walked into the local camera store with my gift card and some money I convinced my dad to lend me. I came home with my first SLR camera, a Canon Rebel XTi. Shortly after that, I knew I wanted to do photography as a career. I loved playing around with depth of field and composition. It was undoubtedly my passion. Capturing little details in life through a viewfinder abled me to express myself. I found it so fascinating that a camera could almost stop time- save a memory forever. I get the best feeling looking back on old photos and placing yourself in that moment.

Soon after, I started taking photos for fun at local rock shows here in Regina. One of the bands saw me taking photos at the show, and asked if I would be interested in doing promotional shots for them. I couldn’t believe it! I drove to Moose-Jaw and photographed the band and the photo was later published in the Saskmusic magazine. From there, I met a girl who worked for Saskmusic and she asked me to photograph shows and events for Saskmusic in exchange for photo credit. At one of Saskmusic’s events, I met a professional band photographer who really inspired me. He gave me some tips on photography, let me have a tour of his studio and shared his experiences of photographing celebrities at the Agrodome. He gave my name to some of his clients, and I ended up having a lady ask me to photograph her wedding. I was so pumped to have gone from shooting local bands for fun, to doing more serious work like weddings, band promos and getting photos published in Saskmusic. I continue to branch out from meeting new people, the possibilities are endless. Connections with people are definitely a major part of getting your name out there.

A couple years after high-school I was accepted in a 7 month photography program in Saskatoon, SK. I learned about film/darkroom equipment, film processing, digital workflow, basics in photoshop, basic lighting and printing. I enjoyed the overall experience, but I honestly think anyone serious about photography could learn about the majority of the things I learnt in school, just through reading/researching, watching videos, shooting with other photographers etc. You just have to be driven with the passion for photography. I believe school can help the learning process, but isn’t an essential. As for now, I have my own part-time photography business here in Regina, SK. I enjoy photographing most varieties of photography from portraits, families, weddings, babies/children, events & fashion. I hope to expand my clientele, keep learning, experimenting, and meeting new people.

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